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DWQ Home > Watersheds: Pollution Management Plan

Watersheds: Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Plan


The complete Utah Nonpoint Source Management Plan minus the Appendices.

Appendices to the NPS Management Plan:

  1. Utah Nonpoint Source Task Force and Charter
  2. Utah Unified Watershed Assessment and Watershed Restoration Priorities
  3. Utah's 2000 303(d) List of Waters
  4. Example of Watershed Specific Implementation Goals and Objectives
  5. Standards of Quality for Waters of the State R317-2, Utah Administrative Code
  6. Utah Nonpoint Source Information and Education Strategy 1995
  7. Utah AFO/CAFO Strategy
  8. Utah Association of Conservation Districts' Role in Implementing the NPs Management Program in Utah and the UACD's Clean Water Strategy
  9. State of Utah Nonpoint Source Management Plan for Hydrologic Modification, March 1995
  10. Nonpoint Source Management Plan for Silviculture ActivitiesJuly 1, 1998
  11. Analysis of EPA's Nine Key Elements
  12. EPA Approval of Utah's NPs Pollution Management Plan—September 15, 2000

To obtain copies of appendices not available online, contact Jim Bowcutt (801-536-4336).