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Public Notices

Public comment is a prerequisite to challenging permitting decisions. Under Utah Code Ann., Section 19-1-301.5 (effective May 8, 2012), a person who wishes to challenge a Permit Order may only raise an issue or argument during an adjudicatory proceeding that was raised during the public comment period and was supported with sufficient information or documentation to enable the Director to fully consider the substance and significance of the issue.

The following listing contains public participation opportunities for activities conducted by the Division of Water Quality. Some past notices are available on through the Public Notices Archive.

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Contact Person

Public Hearing

Close of Comment Period

401 Water Quality Certification
Union Pacific Railroad Causeway Jodi Gardberg None February 20, 2015
Construction Permits
Rio Tinto, Permit UGW350010 Woody Campbell None None
Delegated Pretreatment Programs
Enforcement Actions
Gordon Creek, LLC  for Proposed Settlement Agreement Docket No. I14-06SA.   Dan Griffin None December 1, 2014
Financial Assistance Program
General Water Quality
Review of Colorado River Water Quality Standards Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Forum Jeff Studenka None September 15, 2014
Workplan for the Toxicological Testing of Brine Shrimp and Brine Flies from Gilbert Bay, Great Salt Lake Jodi Gardberg None April 10, 2014
Groundwater Aquifer Classification
Groundwater Permits

Ground Water Discharge Pemit

Brian Hamos None January 30, 2015
Danish Flats Environmental Services Evaporation Ponds, Permit UGW190002 Ed Hickey None October 6, 2014
Operating Permits
Heber Valley Special Services District, Permit UTOP9002 Keith Eagan None October 3, 3014
Rule Making
Rule Notices      
See Rule Making for R317-1-7, TMDLs  


March 3, 2014
Underground Injection Control Permits
Magnum NGLs Solution Mining, LLC UTU-27-AP-9232389 Candace Cady None September 12, 2014
Magnum Solution Mining, LLC UTU-27-AP-718D759 Candace Cady None September 12, 2014
UPDES Discharge Permits
General Permit for Concentrated Aquatic Animal Production Facilities (CAAPF) Lonnie Shull None February 21, 2015
Plain City Corporation, UT0021326 Ken Hoffman None February 17, 2015
Timpanogos Special Service District, UT0023639 Jen Robinson None January 30, 2015
Lake Side Power Plant, UT0025623 Dan Griffin None January 23, 2015
Water Quality Assessment
2016 Integrated Report Emilie Flemer None December 31, 2014


Public Notice Archive