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Onsite Wastewater Program

The Onsite Program includes certification of Onsite System Professionals, review of designs and plans for onsite septic systems (including large underground systems), operating permits and information about financial assistance available through the State Revolving Fund (SRF) program for repair or replacement of septic systems when applicants meet the requirements.

Onsite (Septic) Wastewater Systems

Onsite Certification

Certification of Professionals—Original and Renewal

As a result of SB21, which instituted changes in the duties and responsibilities of the Water Quality Board and the director of the Division of Water Quality, these proposed changes to R317-11 were submitted to the Water Quality Board at its June 26, 2013 meeting with a recommendation to initiate rulemaking. These changes were adopted by the WQB in August, and subsequently made effective on September 1, 2013.

Utah Administrative Code R317-11 was reviewed and changes adopted on June 27, 2012 by the Water Quality Board.

A single certificate will now be issued to all qualified applicants. The certificate will bear the highest level of certification that the applicant has achieved. There will be gradual transition to a single, concurrent expiration date for all levels of certification held by an individual.

Onsite Professionals may become certified in the following categories:

Levels 1, 2, and 3 are each valid for up to 3 years. A single application may be submitted to the Division of Water Quality for all Levels, or they may be done separately. Each certificate issued will require a separate fee. In order to be certified at Level 2 or Level 3, current certification at the lower level(s) is required. In order to accomplish the transition to a single expiration date for multiple levels, the following procedures are in effect.

The application form and certification fee must be submitted to the Division of Water Quality. A $25 certificate fee is required each time a new certificate is issued. However, if application for multiple levels is on one form, only one certificate will be issued, and only one $25 fee is required. (Local health officers should contact DWQ for more information on the fee payments.)

Certification application and fees are separate from the registration and fees for training through the Utah Onsite Training Program.

Please note:  The course completion certificate issued by the Utah Onsite Training Center is NOT a certification as an Onsite Professional by the Utah Division of Water Quality, but may be helpful for tracking continuing education for other professional licenses.

Reinstatement Option

Expired certifications may be reinstated within 6 months after the expiration date by:

After the reinstatement period, initial certification requirements must be met in order to be certified.

Onsite Related Rules

Variance Request Procedure

Program Contacts

Onsite Professional Certification

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John (801-536-4347)