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Utah Water Monitoring Council



UDEQ is facilitating a statewide Water Monitoring Council to coordinate and collaborate ongoing water quality monitoring in Utah. Stakeholders from a broad base of state, federal, non-profit agencies, industry, and the public will participate to maximize the group’s effectiveness.

Utah Water Monitoring Council meetings are open to all interested parties and will be held several times a year. The initial objectives of the group are to coordinate monitoring efforts, develop water quality training for citizen monitors, and assess comparability of monitoring procedures among partnering monitors. However, the group will undoubtedly shape these objectives.

For more information on the Utah Water Monitoring Council, please contact Trisha Johnson, DWQ.

Utah Water Monitoring Council Supporting Staff

Supporting Staff
Jim Harris, Division of Water Quality Chair
Trisha Johnson, Division of Water Quality Coordinator, Listserv Manager
Robert Bird, Division of Water Quality Supporting Staff