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Utah Ground Water Quality Protection Program

Aquifer Classification Process  |  Classified Aquifers

Aquifer Classification Process

When sufficient information is available, entire aquifers or parts of aquifers may be classified or reclassified by the Utah Water Quality Board according to ground water quality of the aquifer.

Petition Requirements

Any person may petition the Water Quality Board for classification of an aquifer, and the petition must include the following information:

Parts of an aquifer may be classified differently. Boundaries between different ground water class areas will be based on hydrogeologic properties, existing ground water quality data, and for Class IB and IC, current use of the ground water. For definitions of different ground water classes, please refer to the tab GW Classes & Protection Levels.

A petition for classification or reclassification must be performed under the direction, and bear the seal, of a professional engineer or professional geologist.

The petitioner requesting reclassification will provide sufficient information to determine if reclassification is in the best interest of the beneficial users.

Public Comment

After a technical review of the petition has been conducted by the Division of Water Quality, one or more public hearings will be held to receive comment on classification and reclassification proposals.

Planning Tool

Ground water classifications are intended to be used as a planning tool by local governmental agencies. Ground water classifications do not mandate any specific actions for local planning and zoning, nor obligate local governments to perform any technical assessments or monitoring, nor restrict existing or future land use.

Classified Aquifers

Following are maps of aquifers that have been classified by the Board.

The maps are available in two formats:

Aquifer Map Name JPG Format PDF Format
Cache Valley map
Cache Valley

Lower Castle Valley Map
Castle Valley

Cedar Valley Map
Cedar Valley

Davis County Map
Davis County

Aguifer Classification Petition Document

Moab-Spanish Valley Map
Moab-Spanish Valley

Morgan Valley
Morgan Valley
  1. Aquifer Classification Petition Document
  2. Plate 1, Total Dissolved Solids Concentration Map
  3. Plate 2, Ground Water Quality Classification Map
  4. Plate 3, Potential Contamination Source Map

Ogden Valley map
Ogden Valley

Salt Lake Valley
Salt Lake Valley
  1. Aquifer Classification Petition Document
  2. Plate 1, Total Dissolved Solids 10 MB)
  3. Plate 2, Ground Water Classification (11 MB)
  4. Plate 3, Potential Contaminate Sources (11 MB)
  5. Aquifer Classification Appendix B
  6. Public Participation Document

Sanpete Valley Map
Sanpete Valley

Tooele Valley map
Tooele Valley

Wasatch County aquifer map
Wasatch County
Image (8 MB)

Image (70 KB)

Image (8 MB)

Washington County small map
Washington County
Image (5 MB)
Image (3 MB)